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This Week in Parenting


This Week in Parenting is intended to be a weekly look at parenting talk around the web, amongst the DMD community, and occasionally, just stuff I’m dealing with around the house. The language is occasionally strong and the opinions reflect only the author. Let’s dig in. 

Dad Jokes – 11/28/2016


We’ve all heard them and we all love them!  Here are a few of my favorites this week!

Treadmills are Evil


It’s a few days after Thanksgiving 2016 and I don’t know about you, but I ate some good food and I’m in no hurry to see those calories go anywhere.  My personal trainer may have a different thought, but for now…

A Holiday Disruption


A version of this story appeared at Medium.com. It contains some adult language, for which I suspect you’ll forgive me.

As a caretaker dad running a business, married to a severely overworked physician, I think about time the way most people think about oxygen— or at least the way they’d think about it if they were trapped underwater. Fairly ordinary scheduling issues have the potential to plunge this household into chaos for days. When we do business, we need to find no-nonsense professionals on their A game.

Recently, we went to Sears instead. 

Thanksgiving Beer Pairing Suggestions


You’ve been invited to a Thanksgiving get together and you’re not quite sure what beer would go well with the food being offered. It’s your turn to host and there’s always that one aunt or friend who doesn’t like any of the drinks you’ve prepared. To help solve this problem, DMD member, Nicholas F, has prepared a tasty review of 3 beers that will be sure to pair well with your Thanksgiving feast.


Did you enjoy this review? Would you like another beer or product reviewed?

Click here to contact DMD and make a suggestion.

The Little Einsteins are Tearing This Family Apart


This post has a small amount of strong language. I feel like I’ve earned it.

If you’re not already familiar with Disney’s Little Einsteins series, that’s no reason for you to come here and rub it in…



Has anyone ever thought of adopting, had a friend that was adopted, or had friends that adopted? Here’s my journey in case adoption is heavy on your hearts. 

3 Things Vegas Taught Me About Parenting 

DMD Vegas Retreat 2016

September 9-11, 2016.  Treasure Island Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.  2 Days.  21 guys.  Our First DMD (Dads Married to Doctors) Retreat.  Dads only, no spouses, no kids.  And it was on this retreat that I learned how to be a better parent.  Here are the 3 things Vegas taught me about parenting…

Community Post: Being a Doctor’s Husband

Dads Married to Doctors logo

In the community post series, I present a question to over 2,000 dads married to doctors (via Facebook’s DMD group) and return with a sampling of their collective wisdom.

Fearless Fathers and the Power of Community


When I answered society’s call for present, hands-on dads, I figured it had a place picked out for me—it kind of didn’t.

As a work-at-home dad and the primary caretaker for an awesome little boy, I joined the ranks of a growing demographic many still haven’t quite accepted. As a husband to a successful wife who is also a badass mother, I’m one of the luckiest caretaker dads anywhere, but I’ve seen this struggle first hand. For some, it is devastating. But I’ve also found a huge network of likeminded fathers helping newcomers find their way.

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